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Learning and Development

Focus Area Definition

VA enhances learning and development opportunities through the implementation of several new strategies, such as developing long-term collaboration with industry, academia, non-profits, and other government entities, updating training programs to reflect real-world threats and attacks experienced by VA in partnership with Information Technology Workforce Development (ITWD).

Providing opportunities that promote employee development and growth creates a skilled workforce that is equipped to handle future cyber needs and vulnerabilities, as well as position VA as a cyber employer of choice in today's highly competitive recruiting environment.


Cultivate learning and development programs in order to:

  • Create and implement a program to cultivate cyber talent
  • Identify and implement aptitude and skills-maturity assessments to measure workforce readiness
  • Champion the stand-up of the Cyber Training Academy to upskill and reskill the cyber workforce through hands-on training

Page last updated on September 21, 2021

Digital Cyber Workforce

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