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Workforce Analysis and Planning

Focus Area Definition

Establishing and developing a cyber workforce analysis practice within VA supports expanding future workforce needs. Workforce analysis and planning allow VA to develop new and innovative ways to improve retention, recruitment, and assessment. This focus area supports VA’s mission by allowing VA to conduct a gap analysis and recruit or reskill in preparation for future needs.

To develop this focus area, VA utilizes various forms of workforce analysis to develop key tracked metrics to ensure VA's workforce is prepared accordingly. The Department also provides ways to improve retention through compensation, development, and workforce planning incentives.


Conduct workforce data analytics to better understand capabilities and trends to:

  • Positively impact succession planning
  • Inform staffing plans and analysis
  • Address attrition rates and impact on staffing levels
  • Improve retention incentives
  • Explore compensation parameters and alternatives to more closely reflect industry

Page last updated on September 21, 2021

Digital Cyber Workforce

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