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Delightful End User Experiences

We are committed to creating user experiences that people love, are a joy to use, and enable them to be the most effective in their role.

We will continue to pursue nothing less than an exceptional customer experience for the end users of our products and services at VA, as well as the Veterans and caregivers that VA serves. We will help VA deliver self-service tools on par with top private sector companies and that will provide the best online experience in the Federal Government.

This means developing Veteran-facing products with their early input, so we can deploy apps and services that are accessible and accomplish what Veterans need, and it means developing VA employee-facing products that work as expected, help make their time more productive, and bring new capabilities that help VA reimagine the Future of Work.

We must also innovate around different delivery models for providing VA IT support — both to make our operations more efficient, and also to make getting IT support a more seamless experience for employees.

This could include more kiosk support rather than at-desk support, which would encourage more teachable moments, speed access to pre-positioned replacement devices and equipment in a centralized way, and reduce the time and resources required to enable more efficient IT support.

We should strive to make VA a government-best example of Accessibility-First. While every government organization is required by law to create and deploy fully accessible products to the citizens they serve, the citizens VA serves are Veterans — many of whom have differing abilities as a result of their service. Accessibility should be personal for us at VA.

Page last updated on April 21, 2022


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