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People Excellence

Our executives and hiring managers will focus on developing systems that deliver excellence in how we recruit and develop our teams.

We will renew our commitment to our workforce because our people are the core of our operations, and our operations advance VA’s mission to serve our Nation’s Veterans. While public service at VA is a noble and rewarding pursuit on its own, we know we have much more to do to make our organization a more attractive place for industry talent to come work — as well as a more fulfilling career for our existing employees.

We are committed to a diverse workforce

We will advance a compelling and competitive workforce development program that can attract and retain some of the best industry talent, and we will celebrate the diversity of our workforce and pursue a more inclusive, accessible workplace. This includes:

  • A more accurate understanding of industry IT career pathways, a more accurate articulation of current career trajectories in OIT, and clarity around where OIT’s career pathways do not currently reflect those available at other IT organizations
  • Creating energizing career progression plans that can move employees along a competitive, fulfilling career pathway, where staff are focusing most of their time on leading strategic vision versus task management
  • Improving recruiting of highly talented technical team members by establishing clear job descriptions consistent with world-class tech teams, as well as pursuing more flexibility to offer competitive salaries and more flexibility across grades so we have the right people at the right level in the right position
  • Creating an environment where all team members feel supported and included, and striving to create a diverse team that represents the diversity of the Veterans we serve.

Page last updated on April 21, 2022


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