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User Guide - Marketplace Overview

How VA employees get the products they need

VA Employees

More information is available on the VA Intranet to help you get the product you need.

VA Intranet

Marketplace Overview

It will be faster and easier for your team to reuse an existing proven solution on the catalog.

Products listed on the VA’s SaaS and PaaS Product Marketplace are already compliant with VA policies. Products marked as “approved” are fully compliant; products marked as “pending approval” have started the process and will be faster to reuse than selecting a product not listed in the marketplace.

If you are requesting a new product that is not listed on the marketplace, the steps listed below will likely take more than a year to complete.

Most products will require customers to provide funding to purchase their products. Please make sure you read the details about the product and confirm you have funding before starting this process, if it’s needed. All products have a funding label that will indicate if end user funding is required or not.

Overview of VA’s product compliance life cycle

Product selection and planning

  • Define the need
  • Plan your budget (include help desk and support costs)
  • Work with DTC to confirm SaaS or PaaS is the right solution for your needs

Product purchase

  • Complete contracting and licensing tasks
  • Define support and help desk requirements
  • Define service level agreements (SLAs)

Security and privacy compliance

  • Complete the external FedRAMP process (depending the security requirements for your product)
  • Complete VA’s authority to operate process
  • Ensure your leadership, team, and vendor are aware of the extensive process, and costs, for new products that are not listed on the marketplace

Implementation and ongoing support

  • Set up or configure product as needed
  • Deploy training and communications
  • Ensure adequate maintenance, support, and help desk for users
  • Anticipate security (VA ATO) renewels
  • Anticipate product license renewals

Page last reviewed or updated on August 16, 2021

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