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Improved Cemetery Scheduling and Tracking Services Support Veteran Families

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  • Published on: May 27, 2021

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ sacred mission includes honoring deceased Veterans and caring for their surviving relatives. When Veteran families contact the National Cemetery Scheduling Office, agents use Memorial Benefits Management System Case Management, Eligibility, and Outreach to access eligibility data, view cemetery availability, and provide timely and accurate scheduling of interments. While navigating the loss of a loved one is difficult in any circumstance, Memorial Benefits Management System enhancements improve the speed and accuracy for establishing a case, so the Veteran community receives quality, timely service during their time of bereavement.

The Memorial Benefits Management System provides the tracking of a Veteran’s remains and cemetery scheduling functionality for scheduling agents within the National Cemetery Scheduling Office and at Department of Veterans Affairs national cemeteries. These capabilities support the strategic goals of providing more effective delivery of services and improving National Cemetery Administration customer satisfaction for Veterans’ loved ones.

Memorial Benefits Management System Case Management, Eligibility, and Outreach leverages the Benefits Integration Platform to replace National Cemetery Administration’s legacy Burial Operations Support System Enterprise. This ongoing work to modernize capabilities provides a cohesive enterprise system incorporating new functionality and process improvements.

On March 25th, Memorial Benefits Management System version 2.5 introduced chevron navigation. With this newly developed navigation, National Cemetery Scheduling Office agents can seamlessly navigate between screens while establishing a new case by selecting tabs, or chevrons, at the top of the screen. This is a significant improvement over the previous process of clicking “Previous” and “Next” multiple times at the bottom of the screen to navigate the workflow. Agents can now navigate to different parts of the workflow with one click, improving efficiency and saving time.

Memorial Benefits Management System is a customized application within the Benefits Integration Platform. Built on core web component standards, the new chevron navigation feature enables an improved user experience for those who serve Veteran family members. Benefits of the components that drive chevron navigation include:

  • Increased application speed and performance.
  • Enables decommissioning of custom code, reducing the custom code footprint.
  • Faster future product delivery using standard components.

Memorial Benefits Management System version 2.5 also introduced real-time notification of migration status, eliminating manual steps for agents to verify migration in Burial Operations Support System Enterprise.

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