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Kim TartTo transform OIT into an innovative, streamlined organization that accomplishes modernization strategic goals and objectives, OIT's Quality, Performance, and Risk (QPR) division continues to restructure its organization.  As part of the modification, Kim Tart has been selected as Director of Enterprise Records Service (ERS).  

Ms. Tart joined the Department of Veteran Affairs in 1990, and throughout her career has worked in data administration, electronic document and issues management, and records management. 

As Director, Ms. Tart hopes to establish a first-class records management program at VA.  She is responsible for overseeing, directing and administering long and short-term goals for the ERS.  Ms. Tart is also responsible for identifying VA's records needs and developing strategies to remedy those demands.  As Director, Ms. Tart also oversees Records Management, Information Collection Budget, Release of Names and Addresses, Directives and Handbooks, Information Quality, Delegation of Authority and Controlled Unclassified Information Programs. 

Ms. Tart received an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Allegheny College and a master’s degree in Public Policy Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

QPR looks forward to ERS evolving into a top-notch records management organization under your guidance and tutelage. 

Page last updated on October 7, 2019


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