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Open API Pledge

The Open API pledge encourages health-care providers to work collaboratively with VA to increase the mapping pace of health data to industry standards.

By signing the pledge below, your company can help the VA increase interoperability, ease the flow of information, and ultimately make care safer and better for Veterans. Add your company to the API Pledge and join providers from across the community.

We, the VA Open API Pledge signatories, will voluntarily collaborate with VA to map health data to industry standards (including the current and forthcoming versions of the Argonaut Project specifications of FHIR API) over the next 18 months.

We will allow access to FHIR as mutually agreed via a standards acceleration collaborative that will be made freely available for anyone to use or share.

We will provide API access to tech-incubators for Veteran-designated mobile and web-based apps, clinician-designated applications for those who serve them, and Choice Act partners responsible for coordinating their care via “bulk” access.

We intend to make the “common clinical data set” available but will work on an initial roster of additional FHIR resources - including scheduling, questionnaire, clinical notes, and patient encounters.

Join Us

API Pledge Signatories

Beth Israel Deacones Medical Center
Cleveland Clinic
Fairview Health
Geisinger Health System
Johns Hopkins Medicine
InterMountain Health
Jefferson Health
Mayo Clinic
Partners Healthcare
Rush Health Systems
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Virginia Commonwealth University Health

Page last updated on August 2, 2018


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