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VA Human-centered Design and Digital Product Management

To implement VA’s digital modernization strategy and goals, VA OIT is leading the effort to build in-house capabilities in human-centered design (HCD) and product management.

A new two-day training course gives VA OIT project and program managers the methods and tools they need to deliver great digital products. Open to all GS levels, the training is focused on tactical ways to improve the delivery of services to Veterans and VA stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes

Gain a foundational understanding of human centered design (HCD), product management, DevOps, and Agile to begin using modern methods and tools.

Incorporate product management requirements, required skills, tools, methods, and outcomes into relevant acquisitions.

Start using at least one new method and tool immediately following class, including working in sprint and increments.

Learn how to effectively run user research and discovery sprints.

What attendees are saying:

This training felt very different from other VA and government trainings I’ve attended — in a good way. At first I was uncomfortable, but then I loved the volunteer day — I thought it was inspiring.
Course Outline

Day 1: Product Management and HCD Fundamentals

  • Product management versus project management
  • Agile delivery and DevOps basics (Note: this is not a technical training for developers.)
  • Minimum viable products (MVP)
  • Measuring product outcomes
  • GitHub and Kanban

Day 2: Empathy Building via Field Work

  • Human-centered design (HCD) basics: Why we design with users and not for them.
  • Types and applications of user research.
  • Empathy building: learn about VA’s users by visiting the field and talking to them!
  • Apply lessons learned from user research to your work.
  • How to advocate for user research in your work

Page last updated on September 9, 2019


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