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Explore the Vision 2022 video series which outlines the Department of Veteran Affairs, Office of Information and Technology (OIT) approach to becoming the best IT organization in the Federal Government. Discover how teams across the organization focus on what matters most: Vision-driven Execution, Operational Excellence, Delightful End User Experience, and People Excellence.


“We touch so many parts of the Veteran’s experience. That is the beauty of what we do,” shares Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology and Chief Information Officer Mr. Kurt DelBene. “Whether it’s helping everybody in VA to be more effective through the desktop tools we provide, or whether it’s the critical systems in health care and benefits, we’re at the heart of delivering that experience to Veterans.”

The series features OIT leaders who share insights on how their services will support digital transformation today and the days ahead.

  • Chief Technology Officer Charles Worthington shares why successfully implementing the OIT vision must center on delivering for VA’s essential stakeholder. “Vision-driven execution is really all about defining what are the most important things we are trying to impact and the ways we are trying to improve Veteran’s lives.”

  • Martha Orr, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Compliance, Risk, and Remediation, explains what Operational Excellence means, "there are these other controls that ensure we do our due diligence ... internal controls, IT security, documentation, and plans, so that at the end of the day, we improve our processes and how we deliver services to the Veteran."

  • Jack Galvin, Deputy Chief Information Officer, End User Services, underscores OIT's responsibility when it comes to providing IT products, "We have the responsibility in End User Services to be physically present where they’re consuming that IT, and to represent OIT; to make sure it’s a delightful experience. It really all comes down to putting a smile on the Veteran’s face."

  • Nathan Tierney, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief People Officer for People Science, talks about the importance of equipping OIT's workforce to better serve our Veterans, "We need to focus on customer service and, in turn, ensure our workforce is prepared to do the mission."

  • Luwanda Jones, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Strategic Sourcing, stresses the importance of communication to enhance Veteran services, "we can work with our partners as we prioritize our work ... we want to hold ourselves as well as our vendor partners accountable and responsible so we can deliver that high standard of service."

  • Lynette Sherrill,Deputy Assistant Secretary and Chief Information Security Officer, tells us why she believes OIT is well positioned to implement the new vision, “It is our Vision that we be the best IT shop in the federal government. We have everything it takes to be the leader and I fully expect us to be that.”

  • Brad Houston, Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Account Management Office, shares why the new vision-driven approach presents multiple opportunities for innovation and creative thinking, “Being able to bring technology proactively [to] our business partners, we are shaping what they see as the art of the possible.”

  • Eddie Pool, Executive Director for Solution Delivery, touches on the domino effect of implementing operational excellence, “It really is about continuous improvement, it is about the opportunity to learn from every outage, every issue, every mistake, every opportunity, those are all opportunities to make the business of IT better and in turn make the business of VA better.”

  • Daniel McCune, Executive Director for Software Product Management, explains how VA continuously evolves and matures its operational model, “A lot of our growth has really been in [Software as a Service] SaaS products, and we need to be able to scale our processes, our staffing, and our resources around that growth in SaaS."

  • Reggie Cummings, Deputy Chief Information Officer of Infrastructure Operations Services, shares what he feels are vital components of operational excellence, "While the endeavor is to have zero downtime, our processes and practices are well vetted, well instrumented. We are focused on very repeatable capabilities."

Page last updated on September 26, 2022


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